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Why to choose us
  • Quality Assurance
    We guarantee the quality of the products and services we offer. We keep working hard and improving to keep our clients happy with our services.
  • Individual Approach
    For each student, depending on a profile we select a ser of matching programs prepare an individual step-by-step plan to get admitted to a dream university.
  • Database of grants
    We have a comprehensive database of grants, full and partial scholarships, discounts offered by the private organizations, governments and universities.
  • Innovative approach
    We do our best to encourage our students to explore a fascinating world of knowledge and opportunities and be passionate about learning and researching. We live our best days until we learn something new every day.
  • Step-by-step plan
    Each student receives a step-by-step plan for deadlines on taking exams, submitting documents on time and improving profile if required by participating in international competitions and volunteering.
  • Guarantee of admission
    To ensure the quality and guarantee the admission we select three programs best matching the student's profile. In case student does not get an admission offer we provide free service of applying next semester.
Our Products
We help students to get accepted into universities across six countries to foundation, bachelors and postgrad programs.
Foundation / Bachelors /Masters / PhD
Let your kids spend the summer in New York. Having fun and learning English outdoors in the most beautiful New York areas. All this awaits your kids in our partner's summer camp.
Language Schools
The fastest way to learn English is to delve into an english-speaking environment. We are partners with language schools in the USA and UAE. Travel and study simultaneously.
Summer Camp
What is included in our Study Abroad package
Initial discussion about the programs you are interested in. We discuss the general admission requirements and additional requirements due to the specificity of for the chosen country or track.
If you are not sure about the field you want to receive your degree in, you can have 2-3 individual sessions with our career couch to determine the abilities and strengths based on your personality.
Final program selection, taking into account the rating of the university, competitiveness of the program and the student's budget.
A step by step plan for preparing all documents required for admission, preparing for the exams and actions to take to improve the profile through participation in competitions and volunteering.
Assistance and full support in collecting all required documents, including motivation letter, recommendation letters, curriculum vitae and any other document, registering for exams, paying university fees. Assistance and guidance with university and visa interviews.
Guiding with arranging housing, insurance any other matter related to enrollment issues and settling down.
Why to Study Abroad?
South Korea
Getting a high-quality education in one of the rapidly developing technological countries has become possible like never before. About 100,000 overseas students come to Korea every year, and the government plans to double that number. The country provides many opportunities for international students to receive free education in various fields.
You can get quality education at public or private universities in Turkey. The cost of studying in Turkey is lower than in some CIS countries, while you get an international diploma, which is quoted in Europe, America and the CIS. The application process mainly is based on successful passing YOS exam, knowledge of the Turkish language and your certificate.
Studying in the United Kingdom is not unreachable anymore, with us you have an opportunity to get admission to foundation, transfer after foundation from your country, or get postgrad scholarships. For postgrad our scholarships consists of grants for Masters programs, Master+PhD programs and PhD programs. Have a dream to study in the UK, we can help.
United Kingdom
The once deserted place has become an oasis for global business and technological growth, among other things, the UAE offers high-quality education by the academic standards of America and Europe. Thousands of students come to the UAE every year for education and growth opportunities in business, economics, engineering, architecture and IT.
United Arab Emirates
Have you always dreamed of studying in one of the best Universities in the USA. To ensure that you get the admission offer, we submit documents to 7-10 programs matching your profile. Moreover, our coordinator is very experienced with visa application and will be very helpful while preparing you for the visa interview.
United Stated of America
Have you always wanted to get a higher education in Europe, graduate from one of the top universities and spend your student years in an atmosphere of multicultural environment? The education system in Italy is very flexible, depending on your profile, we will be able to select several options for you with a minimum tuition fees.
Our team consists of exceptional professionals. We care about providing quality services to our customers and aim towards constant improvement. Every coordinator has 3+ years of helping students to get accepted to the universities of their dreams.
CEO, UAE coordinator
Botagoz graduated form Masdar Institute, which was founded by Masdar company in collaboration with MIT. In total Botagoz spent 6 years living in the UAE and helped more than 50 student to be accepted to the tracks they wanted.
Italy coordinator
Anastasiya is finishing her last year in Sapienza University of Rome. In the last year she helped more than 16 students to get admitted to the Universities in Italy with 8 students to be admitted with the full scholarships.
Turkey coordinator
Saltanat pursued her Masters Degree in Turkey and is well aware of cultural environment and diversity in Turkey. In the last year Saltanat was supervising around 40 students. As the result all students got admitted either to foundation programs or bachelors tracks.
USA coordinator
Muhammed studied his bachelors in China and after that received a minor in data analytics from UCL. Besides helping students to get admitted into top US universities, Muhammed also does his best to prepare students for the visa interviews.
UK coordinator
Nikolay received his masters degree from Newcastle University specializing in Town Planning. Nikolay is very meticulous when it comes to create a step-by-step plan for a student to get admitted and improve the profile.
Korea coordinator
Dana graduated from HAFS University in Korea. Due to the exemplary knowledge of Korean Language, Dana is assisting students not only with programs but also when it comes to fill in documents in Korean or writing a motivation letter in Korean, or registering for Topik.
What clients say
Step by step
Step one
The first step is to contact us. If you want to study abroad we first collect all information about your profile to see if it feasible and we have programs where you can apply and have a high probability to be accepted.
COntact us
Step two
Our company tries to do its best to accommodate our clients. Study Abroad packages can be paid in installments according to a chosen installment plan. Moreover if our clients pay in one installment we provide 10% discount.
Check the prices
Step three
The last step is signing the contract and making the payment. Our company operates only based on the contracts and we ask our clients to go through each line before signing to make sure that our best efforts correspond to clients' expectations.
Sign the contract
Price Plans
1 670$
Study Abroad (UK, Korea, Turkey, Italy, UAE). The package includes applying to 3 programs, guidance for visa interview and assistance with moving and settling down
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2 235$
Study Abroad in USA. The package includes applying to 7-10 programs, guidance for visa interview and assistance with moving and settling down
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For the prices of language schools, summer and winter camps, please contact us, since the prices are provided by partners and can change
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